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We arrange from sedan to large bus depending on the number of people and use.

For example,
An important customer and six people, a trip to New York tour. Moving is good van size, but worrying about the appearance and comfort a little ...
At this time, a deluxe van is recommended.

There is also a difference in comfortable with high-class feeling drift and spacious comfort. Because the ceiling is also high, you can also move inside the car.

Car typeOverview

Sedan (Mercedes Benz S500)

Up to 3 people,
Luggage: 2 Suitcases


7 people,
Luggage: 4 Suitcases

4 people
Luggage: 6 suitcases

VAN (Chevy Conversion Van)

9 people,
Luggage: 5 Suitcases

Mercedes Sprinter (Low Roof)

7 people,
Luggage: 10 Suitcases

Mercedes Sprinter (High Roof)

11 people,
Luggage: Suitcase 16 pieces

13 people,
luggage: 10 suitcases

VAN (Ford)

11 people,
Luggage: 10 Suitcases


23 people,
Luggage: 20 Suitcases

Motor coach bus

56 people,
Luggage: 590 cubic feet with toilet

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